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Arif Alwan was born in 1941 on the road between Basra and Omara, where his father worked as a chauffeur for a Sheikh in the southern province of Iraq.

Alwan was involved in writing and publishing from an early age. After completing his high-school education in Baghdad, he worked for newspapers and magazines in Iraq. In 1972 he left Iraq for good to work as a freelance journalist and researcher.

He lived in Beirut throughout the civil war, then in Cairo, Yemen, Sudan, Morocco, Rome, and London. He finally settled in Leeds where he dedicated his life to writing.

Alwan was never directly involved in politics, yet, he was sentenced to death twice, because he published articles calling for the disarmament of Iraq.

Most of Alwan’s literary work is prohibited in the Arab countries due to political and social reasons. In 1998, he became the first Arab writer to build his own website and make his work available for all.

General Information:
Arif Alwan:
Date of Birth: 14 July 1941
Place of Birth: Iraq
Religion: None
Political view: None
Marital status: Married - no children
He lives with his wife in Leeds, West Yorkshire and completely dedicated for writing.
He enjoys gardening, fishing and driving in the dales.
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Pasha of Baghdad

By: Arif Alwan

A long story written in the form of a scenario. It was set in the last period of Turkish Empire. The period in which appointing a state governor (Pasha) can easily come about by paying small amount of money to the Emperor’s men in Istanbul, without taking into consideration the characteristics and personality of the person who would they send to become ‘Pasha’ of Baghdad. The story contains harsh scenes about the life of Baghdad’s inhabitants, and heavily relies on th...

Ali and Zahra are sitting next to each other. Zahra: Would it be war? Ali : I do not know, my father says when the Sultan sent his army to Baghdad it must be war, inside or outside the city . Zahra : ( jokingly ) and what about you, are you going to join? Ali : ( proudly , but sarcastically ) I'll be an officer in the cavalry battalion , with the gun "pistol" of three inches. I will occupy this neighborhood in the first day.. and every evening I would hold all guards...

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By: Arif Alwan

An interesting adaptation of Molier’s most famous theatrical comedy. The playwright exposes the hypocrisy and corruption of the heaven-preachers and their power over the ordinary people in rich dialogue and intensive language.

Dorine: Mr. Tartuffe, Tartuffe: (always watchful) What do you want? Dorine: Why you hid the money in your pocket, if you were going to give them away to the needy people? Tartuffe: You are intervening in people’s affairs.. God doesn’t like this, my daughter. Dorine: Did you tell him ..the God.. that you took the money from my Master.. Mr. Orgon? Tartuffe: Why did you come here? What do you want? … And ..... why your blouse is blatantly open .. revealing so much...

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Babylon’s Destruction

By: Arif Alwan

This play, predicted, over 30 years ago, what has exactly happened in Iraq in the past decade. Most of the Lebanese publishers rejected publishing this play. In 1975, Alkhalil Press published it and sold more than 2000 copies in the first year. The play then staged in Beirut and Aleppo .. (and probably other countries.. as it’s hard to keep track of these things in the Arab world). The play retrieves an image of the false past, with all its bogus ideas and the pres...

The play was written in an intensive language that has further enriched the beautifully flowing dialogue between the characters. The protagonist is the witty magician, who challenges the Emperor in his weird and sudden decision to establish justice in his country, only because he is bored of being oppressor for so long.

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Orange Room

By: Arif Alwan

A one chapter novel. The events progress through 45 minutes only. Yet, it covers 30 years of the life of the female protagonist. There are 3 characters: a husband, a wife and her lover. All are going from the Lebanese town Bhemdoon towards Slayma (another Lebanese town), which they never reach. The time pressurizes each of them in different ways. But the three ways lead them all to a dramatic end of the conflict, which has been going on inside the speedy car, which in t...

Completely engrossed in the joy of driving a new car. He remembered when he grabbed her hand and took her to the window, and said: This car is for you. She couldn't hide her excitement. Yet, she always complains that the relationship turned into a living hell! Suddenly, feelings of sadness and frustration broke into his heart. After all that happiness and love she used to express, and he felt it in her eyes and in the details of her body! No doubt, there is an affair beh...

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The Skeikh's Detective

By: Arif Alwan

The novel was originally written in Arabic in 2010. Translated into English by Tim Reece, and published (in print) by Mira Publishing House cic - UK, 2012 The English version will be added to soon.

From an omniscient viewpoint, the author, pours out the inner thoughts of his characters in torrential monologues. He then exposes the myths upon which most of the religions were based, to build a factual dimension for the novel. In this respect, the author analyse the movement of his characters rather than describing it. The novel provides great deal of understanding for human's emotions and conditions, with some very memorable scenes of lovemaking, manslaughter.

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