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African literature refers to literature of and from Africa. While the European perception of literature generally refers to written letters, the African concept includes oral literature. Traditionally, Africans do not radically separate art from teaching. Rather than write or sing for beauty in itself, African writers, taking their cue from oral literature, use beauty to help communicate important truths and information to society. Indeed, an object is considered beautiful because of the truths it reveals and the communities it helps to build.

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Rhodesialeaks : Financial History of Economic Exploitation in Sout...

By: Royal Tendai Archive

Original 1899 B.S.A.C British South Africa Company share certificate. B.S.A.C British South Africa Company Financial Statements for 1899 and 1900. Estimates for 1901 and 1902. Financial statements for 1900-1901, and 1901-1902, Estimates for 1901-1902, 1902-1903. Financial Statements for 1903-4, 1904-5. Estimates for 1903-4, 1904-5, 1905-6.

Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of His Majesty.

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Sunne's Gift : How Sunne Overcame Bullying to Reclaim the Gift

By: Ms. Ama Karikari-Yawson

About the Author Ms. Karikari-Yawson earned a BA cum laude in Social Studies from Harvard University, an MBA from the Wharton School and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Her unique understanding of social issues, business and the law has enabled her to become a relevant voice on issues as varied as race relations, women's issues, dating, parenting, self-love, hair-bullying and entrepreneurship. Her articles have been published in MSNBC's The Grio, Th...

"We’re all special in our own way. We should celebrate each other every day!"

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Tornado Safety : South Africa

By: Zac Cronje, Compiler

Everything needed to know about tornadoes in South Africa

Tornado activity South Africa

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Tatsie, : The Thick-skinned Bushman

By: Jaco de Beer

Find out what happened when the other Bushmen tried to kill him and how they finally managed to get rid of him.

Certain times of the year the “Watersnake” would move far away and the land of the Bushmen would get very dry. During those times the children have to walk long distances to fetch water for the household. The bigger and stronger of the children could carry a whole springbok stomach full of water but the younger ones only two ostrich eggs filled with water. Tatsie was too lazy to go and fetch water, for himself. He would wait for the children to come back and take one of ...

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Diksonyer Kreol Morisyen (Mobile)

By: Ahuv de Chazal

A small dictionary in alphabetical order with words of Mauritian Creole translated into English. Included example sentences. Formatted to be viewed on mobiles

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