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American Foreign Policy Volume Ii

By: Arthur F Young

...brary.net AMERICAN FOREIGN PO 1950-1955 BASIC DOCUMENTS VOLUME II 3Z 7 7? DEPARTMENT OF STATI PUBLICATION 6446 GENERAL FOREIGN POLICY SR PREFACE I... ...1954 (Excerpts) . . 27 UNITED NATIONS EMPLOYMENT POLICIES L Statement by the Department of State, October 28, 1952 27 >. Report of the Secretary- Gene... .... Resolution 609A (VII) of the General Assembly, October 25, 1952 . . 34! 3. Department of State Appropriation Act, August 5, 1953 (Excerpt) . 34! 7. ... ...REIGN AID ECONOMIC, MILITARY, TECHNOLOGICAL 3 Lend-Lease Program, 1941-1955 ;us of Settlements Under the Lend-Lease Program: Report to Congress on Len... ...ined in the Federal Republic. They reviewed the report made by the Executive Bureau Temporary Council Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty C zationo... ... partner in their great effort to establish p and security in the world. Let us take a moment to examine what these agreements n and what they are int... ...occupation. It would have been a more joyful they had been permitted to join us. One of the great aims of the Western World, one of the gi of its cult... ... shipments of peaceful goods to the Soviet bl< Secretary Weeks said that the Bureau of Foreign C setting up an initial roster of certain peaceful good... ...le to the European Soviet bloc under general li out prior application to the Bureau. Establishment roster thus will relieve U.S. exporters of the burd...

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